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Heike Strobel

Born in Germany and grown up in the Canaries,Spain 

Heike took to art as soon as  she was able to hold a crayon.

At age 7 she knew that she wanted to become an artist but her parents wanted her

to learn a "real profession" so she became a nurse.

During her nine years as a nurse she got her art education at the "Gasteig Academy"

in Munich/Germany.

Heike's second career was being a flight attendant with Lufthansa, German Airlines.

For almost 14 years she traveled the globe and took art work shops in 5 continents.

Heike's first language is German followed by Spanish followed by French and English.

Since 2004 Heike calls  Santa Fe,New Mexico her home, only 4 years later she became an American citizen.

In 2013 Heike went back to college in Santa Fe, where she is working currently on

her degree in "metal arts".

Since 2019 Heike is a Plaza artist in Santa Fe, about twice a week she sells her work

at the North side of the Plaza, the historic Square downtown Santa Fe,NM.